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We can bring our expertise to various scales of homes and gardens, and at major life cycles:

New Home Selection
This is the best time to bring feng shui into play (second only to selecting a piece of land, which is quite a luxury nowadays). The layout of the land determines whether it is a supportive environment for the future occupants, and if it is therefore worth visiting inside!

We will take the personal favorable directions of the owners into consideration to choose the most supportive orientations for the front door and major rooms (dedicated to rest, meals and work).


Moving In
The energetic blueprint of the building is analyzed to find out how to attribute the different rooms, and to see what elements of landscaping and interior décor would work best for balance and beauty. The recommendations are both on a permanent basis (or rather until 2023), and on a yearly basis (current Chinese New Year). Each family member is given their best personal directions, and we try to align with them as much as possible in the current floor plan (particularly important for rejuvenation, intellectual pursuits, to attract luck and enhance relationships).



Before: The bed needs to be moved away for two reasons: Energy depletion by the window and "poison arrow" coming from the beam just above the sleepers' heads. The pointy palm plant needs also to be replaced to allow a more welcoming acces to the left side.



After: The sleepers benefit from a better support thanks to the wall behind their head, and remain in control of their space with the bedroom's door located on their right. It is not visible in the picture but the bed is surrounded by two similar bed stands and lampshades to boost the partners' equinamity.



Before: The artist is not facing the room, but nothing is set yet. Still many boxes to unpack!



After: The piano was properly placed facing inside. It is installed in a back room, a preferred location for a heavy piece, which would hinder the lightness and openness needed in a front living room. Note also how the door was arched to create a softer sensation. The shape is echoed by the stained-glass artwork...and the piano too.


Renovations and Improvements
The floor plan and timeline are carefully reviewed to improve the flow of the current building, and to make sure the dates are best to undertake the project. New openings in the walls may not necessarily be the best solution! Guidelines are given to bring the proper elements of decoration into the space.



Before: Layout when the owners moved in.



After: Final design after reviewing the feng shui requirements. The corner of the countertop was softened by a rounded shape. The overbearing beam above the sitting area was removed and replaced by two warmer light fixtures.


Staging and Selling
Proper interior design along with unseen feng shui recipes will improve the appearance of the residence and the way it feels to potential buyers, by engaging all their senses. The first impression is always the most lasting one!



Greet your visitors with fragrance and flowers!


Children's Spaces and Baby's Room
Conception of healthier rooms adapted to kids' specific needs for SUPPORT, FUN and LEARNING. Children are very sensitive to their environment and respond quickly to changes. It is a good time to strengthen their potentials and to let prevention rule. This evaluation is integrated into the home consultation, or can be done separately, especially when a new baby is welcomed into this world (gift certificates available).



Before: There is no air circulation under the mattress sitting directly on the floor, which creates stagnation and might contribute to late morning sleep in. Moreover the head and body of the sleeper is too close to the electric sockets, which always emit a remnant electro-magnetic field.



After: The beds were raised on wooden frames (preferred material in the bedroom) with a supporting headboard. The lower night stand allows the siblings to talk without any obstruction between them.


Creating a Sanctuary
Bee and butterfly loving flowers, a bench, or a simple sculpture set in a particular sector of your garden can attract more Life and Light, and invite you to reconnect with the Land.

A special location inside your home dedicated to meditation will anchor you between Earth and Heaven. Again, specific qualities of Qi are taken into account to align the person with the space.




Do you see the dragon swallowing a pearl?


And More...
Let us in into your world to help you create the space that will help you fulfill your dreams!

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