Classical Feng Shui


Thousand-year-old observations of Nature's cycles consigned in the I Ching: The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth gave birth to a complex cosmogony, cement of the Chinese culture, whose main pillars are part of the feng shui discipline:

As in martial arts or acupuncture, feng shui uses natural energy forces to restore and balance our living and working spaces. Thus harmonized to our biological rhythms and specific needs, these energies provide us with solid foundations to carry out our activities more effectively.

Because we are constantly within our office or home, our environment is an easily accessible source of change, and feng shui becomes an important factor to promote balance.

The more factors to give us a positive direction, the better we can do in life.



Several methods of classical feng shui may be combined according to your personal needs and goals:

Form School/Compass School
External — Influences of the environment and the neighborhood, how to take advantage or protect yourself from them (e.g., main door orientation, street flow, landscaping). Onsite observation is mandatory to do a good assessment.

Internal — optimal occupation of the commercial or home spaces. Furniture layout, interior design, choice of building materials, etc.

East/West Method (also 8 Mansions, or Ba Jia)
Planning of the best personal orientations for work, study, sleep, and any significant activity. Best allocation of rooms and spaces (e.g., bed, desk, stove, cash register, important financial papers).

The Flying Stars (also Xuan Kong Xue, or Fei Xing Pai)
Analysis of the directions and time influences (e.g., to take advantage of good timing and opportunities, protect oneself during a vulnerable period, choose a favorable renovation date, and to align with the yearly influences).

Four Pillars of Destiny
Assessment of character traits, advice on colors and elements helpful for an individual.

Water Placement (Shui Long Jing)
To attract and activate natural forces, and to generate abundance. The placement selection is very important in order to achieve balance. Most of the formulas used are still confidential.



Land forms surrounding a location are guardians of the place. The auspicious "Green Dragon" is associated with mountain ranges and emanate magnetic currents that nourish the earth. Clear, calm and meandering water also fertilize its environment. A city or dwelling backed by a mountain or hill and facing a river or the sea is more likely to be prosperous.