Meet Joelle
Peace and Prosperity are the two aspirations I treasure the most, and my calling is to assist you in inviting them both into your life.

Nature is generous by essence, and when we learn to recognize and appreciate it, it becomes possible to draw from it. Everything becomes easier. You can ride the cosmic ocean of Energy (the Chinese call it "Ch'i") just like you would a wave on a surfboard — instead of paddling against the current!

After working twelve years in large corporations international departments, including the French Building Federation in Paris, Joëlle Brucher moved to the United States. A lifelong student in oriental philosophies and metaphysics, she holds a Feng Shui diploma from the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, Long Island, 1999 (New York State accreditation), where she studied with noted experts in feng shui, architecture, bau-biologie, and Qi Gong.

Joëlle has privileged traditional teachings since 2000, and has studied extensively with two honorable Feng Shui Masters, Dr Paul Yan and Sifu Peter Leung (Form & Compass school, Eight Mansions, Flying Stars, Four Pillars, Water placements, as well as Feng Shui requisites for Businesses).

She also completed a year in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Faculty of Natural Medicines and Ethnomedicine in Paris, 1996, and Chinese culture and language at the National Institute of Oriental Civilizations and Languages in Paris (INALCO), 1997, prior to moving abroad.

You will value our attention to detail, and our professionalism. References from health professionals, realtors, individuals and businesses are available upon request. For any personal question, traveling schedule or fees, do not hesitate to contact us.

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