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With our years of experience in the corporate world, we understand how to fully appreciate your organization and help you design an environment conducive to a bright future.

We also enjoy working hand-in-hand with interior designers, realtors, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, landscapers, etc.

Commercial Building



Creating a "Wall of Fame" at a strategic point, where the company may display its public relation and commercial achievements will promote its notoriety.



A working environment should be neat at all times, especially shelves and filing cabinets. Clutter creates chaos and stagnation. After a while, old files piled up in a corner will damage the productivity of the business, and the spirit of the workers. Also, note how the poison arrow of the sharp corner is addressed with a plant acting like a screen.



The wealthiest cities in the world share a secret: the presence of Water! Shores, deltas, channels, great fountains attract life and trade. In a building, a simple fountain properly placed can do wonders.


Boutique and Retail



A table in the center of the space is used to implement the the yearly adjustment around the time of the Chinese New Year, and acts as an "energetic plug". The mirror auspiciously multiplies the volume of the products. The green color is in harmony with the company's focus on organic products.


Home Business and Home Office



Before: Offering one's back to the door is the first situation to tackle, and facing a wall can be obstructive.



After: The shape and position of the desk have been changed for better support and control over the activities. Dragon and Tiger sides are respected.







The list of transformations isn't exhaustive and will depend on your (and the company's) specific needs and goals, short and long term.

References available up request from health professionals, realtors, businesses and individuals. For any questions, traveling schedules or fees, please contact