Welcome to Kurve Elements Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui, the Chinese discipline of placement and design, enhances harmony between people and places. By attuning a building to its environment and residents, we unlock potentials for growth and wellbeing, and protect from the impact of unpleasant configurations.

Feng Shui for Your Home

Kurve Elements can help you orient your planned home ideally on its lot, or find a new home that is already well situated.  We even work with landscapers to design landscapes that harmonize the house with the land. 

Inside your home, we attribute rooms by function and take the best personal direction of each occupant into account.  We then design the rooms to enhance the positive flow of energy to support health and harmony.  We stage houses for sale because a pleasing energetic flow makes the house sell quicker. View before and after examples of our Feng Shui residential design here.

Feng Shui for Your Business

Feng Shui can bring positive energy into your workspace to encourage corporate expansion and prosperity.  We can help you select your ideal building or design the workspace you have chosen.  Kurve Elements has years of experience in creating harmonious and productive offices in an enterprise-appropriate décor. We enjoy collaborating with other design professionals to provide the optimum corporate environment.  Read more about how we can energize your business.

Serving the Washington, DC Area

Kurve Elements is dedicated to assisting people in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and around the world, in realigning with the natural laws of abundance and well-being. Welcome change and welcome the powers of Feng Shui into your life!

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